Many patients come in to the office and they have been dealing with what they think is plantar fasciitis for many months or many years, only to find out that the condition isn’t plantar fasciitis.  Some of the more common conditions are calcaneal bursitis. This is a problem where you have inflammation around the bursa on the bottom of the heel that can sometimes be caused by a heel spur, but otherwise it is a liquid formation protecting the heel, and this is different than plantar fasciitis and can sometimes be found in conjunction with plantar fasciitis.  Another problem that is common with plantar fasciitis or similar is something called flexor hallucis longus tenosynovitis.  This is a problem where the tendon that bends down your big toe gets inflamed and painful around that area. Another condition that is somewhat common is a nerve entrapment on the inside of the ankle region or inside of the heel region. If there is a nerve entrapped, it can cause heel pain, and when you numb up the nerve the heel pain goes away.  Those are just some of the other causes of heel pain that aren’t plantar fasciitis.  

To Your Health,
Dr. Donald Pelto