This is a typical situation that I hear with many patients. They come in to our practice in Worcester, Massachusetts, and they have had plantar fasciitis, and either they’ve treated it on their own with some stretching and physical therapy and then it goes away, but then it comes right back. Or they have had a cortisone injection, it goes away for a little bit, but then the pain comes back again. What I find is that in order to treat plantar fasciitis, the best way is the three-component method. You have to reduce the inflammation, you have to loosen up the calf muscles, and you have to stabilize the heel. When doing those three together, you have a much greater chance of heel pain not coming back.  So if your heel pain does come back, you should probably see a professional, see a podiatrist that can help you and go over the treatment protocol for heel pain.

To Your Health,
Dr. Donald Pelto