Many patients that come into my office have either done a marathon or are preparing for a marathon. What I find works best for doing a marathon with your feet is first of all make sure that you’re doing deep tissue massage to the calf muscles, quads and IT bands, to run with the proper method, and I also find it’s very beneficial for your feet themselves to make sure that your shoes are large enough, but not too large because there probably will be calluses. What I find works best for the toes to prevent callusing and blistering is to use something called Glide. This can be purchased at any sporting goods store and it helps reduce the friction on the bottom of the foot. Don’t try new shoes or anything new when you’re doing a marathon, but know that you will probably still get some blistering, and if you do it usually is recommended either to leave the blister or to just pop the blister and leave the cover on it. If there are already signs of infection, you should probably see a doctor about that.  

To Your Health,
Dr. Donald Pelto