In this blog post, I want to talk a little bit about blisters, calluses and wounds.  For those people that have diabetes, you really have to be careful about wounds, but most people, they say, “Well, I’ve never had a wound,” or “I don’t have a wound,” but before a wound happens there is usually a callus or a blister. We can see this patient here.  He has a blister on his big toe joint and he actually got a new pair of shoes that caused that blister.  If that blister isn’t treated and this patient has poor blood flow, there may not be enough good blood to heel that, and as well if this patient doesn’t have the best feeling or neuropathy, that can cause that callus or that blister to develop into a sore, so you really have to be careful to make sure that your shoes are deep enough for your feet and this way you need the extra depth shoes if you have diabetes or if you have curved toes, and you should be professionally fit for those shoes. That’s why insurance does cover one pair a year for most people with diabetes.  Be very, very careful of blisters and if you have a blister and diabetes, you should really see a professional about it, especially if it’s not healing right away.
To Your Health,
Dr. Donald Pelto