Many patients when they come to their podiatrist’s office in Worcester, MA are able to get one pair of diabetic shoes per year. This is one of the benefits that the insurance companies offer because patients with diabetes have increased risks of calluses, friction on the bottom of the foot that can lead to wounds or ulcers and also amputation.  So insurances these days, they find it actually more cost effective to purchase one pair of diabetic shoes with inserts for their patients than have the risk of an ulcer that can cost thousands of dollars.  When you get diabetic shoes, you get a pair of shoes that are considered extra depth. What that means is that they actually are deeper than other shoes.  The reason they need to be extra depth is to allow for the inserts because the inserts are maybe about an inch high and they need to slip into your shoes. So if your shoe is actually not deep enough, you can rub the top of the shoe with your toes causing different types of problems.  So, the question is, can I put my inserts into another pair of shoes? For example, let’s say you wear two pairs of shoes at a time, a brown and a black pair, and you have three inserts per year because that’s what insurance covers; they give you three pairs of these inserts to go in the different shoes.  If both pairs are considered extra depth and the same size then you can put different inserts in each of the other shoes.  So that’s a quick tip for diabetic shoes and inserts.

To Your Health, 
Dr. Donald Pelto