Why Today’s Physical Therapy is Better Than Ever – Part Three

I’ve gone to different therapists and they do different things to me, is there one way that is better than the other?
Therapists are known as the go to clinicians for musculoskeletal conditions, the reason  is because they know how to skin a cat in more ways than one.

There are many different styles and types of Physical Therapy that range from those that focus purely on therapeutic exercise to those that perform only manual therapies, to ones that concentrate entirely on aquatic therapy. Within these there is a large variation of the methods and modes of treatment, this tends to be influenced by the school the therapist went to, personal philosophies of the therapist, as well as the methods, techniques, and philosophies the therapist has been exposed to over their time in practice. In general most therapists have been exposed to many techniques. Most therapists have many “tools” in their proverbial toolbox for the treatment of a myriad of musculoskeletal and other conditions.  Most therapists approach a particular patient in a way that incorporates both science and art with numerous methods employed. There are many different ways to “skin a cat” and frequently different techniques can end up with the same positive results and the ability to employ another method or technique, different “tools” when one may not be working as well as the therapist would like.  This is similar to a climber who uses one route and another who uses a different route but both reach the top or a climber who finds one way is not getting them where they want to go and they try a better way to climb. Different patients respond to different treatments. Therapists are better trained than ever and it is easier than ever to find and work with a therapist that can find the best treatment that will work best for you.