A lot of patients come in to the office after treating their own warts for many months. The point is if you have a wart get it treated quickly instead of letting it get big and trying to deal with it yourself. When the wart is small it is very easy to treat it with some topical acid or some topical treatments or even laser therapy to get rid of it. Once the wart gets big and has multiple warts it takes a lot longer. To be truthful, sometimes it takes up to six months or a year to deal with it topically in the office with different types of acid treatments, laser treatments, and different types of topical therapies. The main point is to see someone quickly. As well, you need to control the perspiration. Many people tend to have a lot of perspiration on their feet so I recommend something called Bromi-Lotion or Formadon to help with any of the dampness on your foot. If you would like to learn more information about wart treatments that I tell my patients, you can go to the Foot Pain Toolkit found at www.drpelto.com and find the section on Skin Conditions.