Why Today’s Physical Therapy is Better Than Ever – A Three Part Series
Part One
In the past I have had to wait for a month to get into Physical Therapy, it was a hassle to go, is it different now?
Now, more than ever, Physical Therapy practices offer better treatment and service

In the past physical therapy clinics were relegated to the basement of a hospital which typically treated patients that were referred to them by that hospital, therapists had little incentive to ensure the patient was satisfied with their treatment or outcome. Nowadays  there has been  an explosion of private practice Physical Therapy clinics, in order to stay in business clinics “have to be good to succeed”, this type of competition has led to better clinicians, better physical therapy clinics, as well as  better customer service –  all of these , of course, lead  to more satisfied patients and better outcomes. Today’s Physical Therapy should cater to your customer service needs as well as your therapy needs , having to wait a month for an appointment, spending excessive time in the  waiting room, not having a clear explanation of the treatment plan, or not having billing questions answered in a way you can understand should not be tolerated.  Poor attention to these “customer service items” can surely be detrimental to patient satisfaction and high level physical therapy care patients deserve . In this ever changing landscape of attention being drawn to healthcare insurance changes, compliance  requirements, and administrative load being piled on to clinicians – privately owned Physical Therapy clinics continue to be mobile enough to set the standard in putting their patients first which includes clean facilities, scheduling appointments in way that is convenient for the patient, and maintaining a highly educated staff –  private clinics “have to be good to be succeed” and patients benefit from this.