Sometimes I have patients who come into the office and they have pain in the middle of their foot and there is an area just outside the top of the foot where there is a little delve that goes in and that is called the sinus tarsi. It is actually a little canal that goes underneath your talus bone and that area can become inflamed and painful, especially if you have a foot that is too active and too mobile, such as over pronation, or flattening of the foot, as well if there is increased jamming in that area and you can develop an inflammation of the sinus tarsi.  This can be treated with icing, anti-inflammatories, but it is very effective to treat this with immobilization and a corticosteroid injection.  This corticosteroid injection, such as a steroid, in there can reduce the inflammation and make you feel much better.  If this condition persists, you may need to reduce that excess motion that is causing the pain and inflammation in the using an orthotic or an ankle-foot orthotic. 

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