This seems kind of like a funny question because how are you supposed to get around when you cannot walk is a typical question I get from a lot of patients.  There are a few reasons why I ask my patients not to walk, or rather not to put pressure on their foot.  If you just had foot surgery, you should not be putting pressure on your foot and you should not be having your foot down because the more you have your foot down and pressure on it, the greater swelling you are going to have, the greater pain you are going to have, and as well, the greater risk of having a complication to the surgery, at least until the bone is healed or the skin is healed, depending on the type of surgery.  But as well, you could need to stay off of your foot because you have a sore on your foot. This is typically from someone who has diabetes or a foot ulcer on the bottom of their foot or on any part of their foot and I ask people to stay off of their foot and the way you stay off of it with this is to use either a knee walker.  One company that makes them is a company called Drive and they actually have a cup holder that you can put a soda in there if you want.  Probably should not be having soda though!  Another option is using something called a Freedom Leg. This is actually something that you put on your thigh and on your leg and it allows you to walk, but it transfers all of the pressure, instead of to your foot, it transfers it to your leg so your foot is not actually put on the ground.  It works very effective. If you still need to get around and are unable to do any of these knee walkers or the Freedom Leg, an okay option is to try to use crutches, a cane, or a special walking boot that can take the pressure off of the area.  All of those other options are not optimal, but they work okay.

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