Many of my patients in the area of Worcester ask what type of shoe stores we recommend as podiatrists.  On my blog,, there is a list of shoe stores that I typically recommend and I am going to go over a few of them with you.  

First of all, I recommend a shoe store called Sneakerama.  Sneakerama is a place where you can buy sneakers and athletic shoes and they do a very good job, especially finding shoes that can fit orthotics in them.  

The next shoe store is Panza Shoes.  It is located in Framingham.  They have shoes that are more for professional females and males for hard-to-fit feet.  If you go to their website prior to seeing them,, you can get a coupon to get a discount on your first pair of shoes.  

Evans on the Commons is located in Townsend, Massachusetts.  They have a good selection of shoes, as well as the Walking Company at the Solomon Pond Mall, they have a good selection of shoes, and then there are also different types of shoes that can be found online and you can find a complete list on the website.   

If you have a need for diabetic shoes though, we can actually offer them through our office to help for people who have high-risk feet of developing sores, wounds, or other types of complications.