Many patients come into the office and they are dealing with ingrown toenails and they try a lot of home remedies.  Some of the more common home remedies are to trim out the edge of the toenail on their own, or even to take a piece of cotton to put underneath the toenail so it will not bother them any longer. This is not the best way to treat an ingrown toenail because it may reduce some of the pressure on the area and some of the concerns of the infection, but it will not resolve the problem. The proper way of treating the ingrown toenail is to take out the edge of it in the office.  This may need anesthesia or numbing medicine to help the toe fall asleep and then remove a portion of the toenail.  Any of these other remedies should not be used, especially if you have diabetes, poor blood flow, or lack of feeling in your feet.  

If you have found this helpful and would like to learn more about ingrown toenails here is some more information.