Many patients come into the office because they want to know how to treat their toenail fungus. I typically give them three options for treatment.  We can use a topical medication, which I typically use Formula 3 and it offers about 20 to 30% success rate. Another type of treatment is an oral pill called Lamisil, but many people do not want to take it because they are concerned about the complications with the liver and so they choose to do laser treatments for the toenail fungus. These consist of typically three treatments.  They are spaced out at one month, three months, and then as needed.  I find that typically three treatments are enough, but occasionally we have to do a fourth or a fifth.  I find both the oral pills and, as well, the laser treatment to be about 80% effective for treating toenail fungus.

If you are interested in learning more about getting toenail treatment for nail fungus, you can visit our office or even research online about laser treatment for toenail fungus.  Here are some resources I recommend – click here.