STEP 9: Preventing Recurrence and Other Complications: So you’ve managed to heal your foot wound fast. What happens now? Well, you want to prevent another wound because once you’ve had a wound, you’re more likely to get another one. Here are some tips on what to do now:

  • Continue to check your feet daily!
  • Get a diabetic foot exam. How often this happens will depend on your blood flow, foot type, and sensation. You might have to get an exam anywhere from every 2 months to once a year.
  • Podiatrists don’t just trim your nails and calluses so your feet will look good. They do this to help prevent wounds.
  • Get diabetic shoes. They help prevent wounds.
  • Wear your diabetic shoes at home. Wear SOMETHING that will protect your feet if you bump into things.
  • Your healthcare team is made up of people that work together to help you stay healthy. It can include a blood flow doctor, infectious disease doctor, skin doctor, physical therapist, pedorthist (shoe specialist), cast technician, visiting home nurse, dietician, endocrinologist, primary care or family doctor, kidney doctor, eye doctor, and/or brain doctor.

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