STEP 7: Wound Dressings and Grafts: If you have a wound, it should really be covered with dressings to protect and pad the wound. There are a lot of different dressings out there, so here are some tips on which dressing may be right for you:

  • A thin clear film on your wound is biofilm. It’s like a soap scum that sits on top of your wound. It prevents your wound from healing and needs to be removed.
  • A wound with A LOT of drainage needs a seaweed (or alginate) dressing to absorb drainage and bacteria.
  • Deep AND draining wounds need a foam dressing
  • Black or dry wounds need a hydrogel to keep it moist
  • Wounds with healthy, red tissue can use a hydrogel too
  • Yellow, fibrous wounds are challenging. This tissue needs to turn red and healthy.
  • Infected wounds benefit from iodine or a silver dressing (it doesn’t actually look like jewelry)
  • Make sure your dressing is getting changed regularly
  • If your wound hasn’t been healing quickly, ask your doctor about ‘skin substitutes’
  • Most important thing to remember is that bad tissue needs to be removed!

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