STEP 6: Wound Debridement and Surgery: Any callus and bad tissue covering your wound needs to be ‘debrided’ or removed because this can prevent your wound from healing. Don’t remove any skin or tissue yourself! Visit a doctor so this can be done in a clean environment with the right tools.

  • Calluses and corns need to be trimmed by a professional because they can cause wounds
  • The ideal wound is one where the tissue is red and healthy looking
  • Bleeding is not bad. It means your body has the ability to heal your wound.
  • Your doctor is happy when your wound bleeds. You should be too.
  • Wound cultures can trick us because our skin normally has bacteria on it
  • Bone infection is bad and bone may need to be removed
  • Wounds present for many years may need a biopsy. Wounds can turn into a type of cancer.

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