A lot of patients around the Worcester, MA area come in because they have ankle sprains and not just one sprain because most people when they have one sprain the swelling goes up, the swelling goes down, and they can keep on doing their activities. But if you have more of a recurrent sprain you probably should be seen by some type of a doctor for an x-ray as well as an MRI because many times the ligaments either on the inside or the outside of your ankle can be torn. So initially what you can try is doing an Ace wrap or taping up your ankle as well as what you can try to do is get some type of support or brace for your ankle to prevent you from twisting it. Physical therapy as well is recommended to help strengthen up the foot so you do not have to be wearing those braces forever, but if there is truly a tear in one of the ligaments on the outside or inside of your ankle, you probably will need to have it surgically fixed and this should be done by a surgeon that is qualified for this.