I had a patient come into my office the other day and they had started working out and now their ankle was hurting. Now this could be their ankle, their heel, their foot, and anything because this is a very, very common complaint that I hear in patients that start working out and have pain. In this particular example this patient had something called peroneal subluxation. She had pain on the outside of her ankle because the tendons were going over the ankle bone and this became painful for her. We were able to get her into physical therapy and help her with that pain and resolve it. If that was not good enough we may have had to do some type of surgery on her foot. The other type of condition I see a lot when people start working out is heel pain or plantar fasciitis. This is caused by an inflammation on the bottom of the heel and it responds very well to icing, stretching, Motrin or ibuprofen, and even cortisone injection. If you think you have either of these conditions, you can get more information on my website at www.drpelto.com. There is something called a Foot Pain Toolkit that will help you determine what condition you have, basically where it is located on your foot, and also some of the initial treatments that are used to treat it.