Here is a patient of mine that has had neuroma surgery a few months ago and she continued to have pain. The pain, however, was not on the top of her foot where there was a scar, but on the bottom. She had pain when I touched underneath the foot between the second and third bones. As you can see there is an incision on the bottom of the foot and the reason we did that is because the second time around with neuroma surgery we like to do that on the bottom as it is easier to see the nerve. When I did the surgery to open up the area I did see a nerve underneath the bottom of the foot right around the area of maximal pain that I mucked prior to the surgery. I was able to remove it and cut it back and now, after about three weeks when the incision is healed, she should be able to walk better on her foot with less pain. We always have to be careful when doing incisions on the bottom of the foot because there may be increased scarring and pain from that. However, the best way to visualize the neuroma when you are removing it the second time especially is on the bottom of the foot.