Sinus Tarsi Pain
This may sound like a strange condition. The sinus tarsi is located between the talus and calcaneus. These are two bones in the middle of your foot and people tend to have pain on the side of the foot where there is a little divot in the skin as you can see in this picture. This area is called the sinus tarsi. Some of the conditions that can happen and are more common in children include a tarsal coalition which is a connection of those two bones in one of the locations where there should be movement. However, the sinus tarsi can also become inflamed and irritated. This can happen from spraining your foot, from spraining your ankle, or even as you recover from some type of a tendonitis due to the changes in the way that you walk. The best way of treating sinus tarsitis or pain to the sinus tarsi is a cortisone injection, icing the area, anti-inflammatories, and sometimes even immobilizing the foot with either an orthotic or some type of a brace. An x-ray is always recommended to make sure there is no break inside and no connection of the bones called the coalition that we discussed previously.