There are many patients in Worcester, MA that come in initially with heel pain or plantar fasciitis, but then as time goes on they develop pain on the outside or on the lateral side of the foot. Usually that is caused by compensating or a change in the way that they walk because of the heel pain so to avoid putting pressure on the center on the inside of the heel they walk more on the outside. When they do that this adjusts the way that they walk which puts more strain and pressure on the muscles, especially the peroneus brevis and peroneus longus on the outside of the leg region. The way you treat that is to deal with the heel pain on the inside of the heel with an injection, stretching or physical therapy to help reduce the pressure in that area. Once that is resolved on the inside of the heel, the outside of the heel pain should be resolved. Occasionally the pain on the outside can be caused by some type of a fracture or an injury to the fifth metatarsal so that really should be checked out as well with a prior x-ray.