Many patients come into the office in Worcester, MA and they want to know if they need bunion surgery and they are not sure when the best time for it is. The first thing we look at is how old is the patient. You usually need to wait until you are at least 17 or 18 years old, until your bones have matured to have a bunion surgery. Then we look at how painful it is. I usually tend not to recommend bunion surgery unless it hurts you in your shoes or hurts you in the joint. If it is painful in the joint or it is painful in your shoes and bothers you on a daily or weekly basis, bunion surgery can be recommended. But that is purely looking at you. You also need to look at your lifestyle. How active are you? How healthy are you? How much help do you have at home? These questions are all very important for doing the surgery. You would not want to do surgery on someone who has to take care of another relative, a child, or a parent and they are not able to stay off of their foot and recover for the proper amount of time. Therefore, you can see that bunion surgery is not truly easy and it is not something that should be taken lightly. Most people can wait until they have pain or until they are ready to have and schedule the surgery. This type of surgery is what we call an elective procedure and it is not something that is urgent for you to do.