A lot of times I have parents around the Worcester, MA area ask me about cleats. I find many children
as they wear cleats in their sports much of the foot problems come due to the cleats. One of the big
problems with cleats such as soccer cleats and baseball cleats is that they are form-fitting to the foot.
That means when they put their foot in the cleat there is not much arch support and it grooves to the
side of the foot. With these types of cleats though it can cause pain and injury. There are some new
types of cleats that are out there that I have shown a picture of in this blog that are used in sports, but
they are like an athletic shoe with cleats that you put in them. I find these to be the best cleats to help
prevent injuries for children. If you have a child that has a foot injury due to a cleat, you may want to try
this one out or you may want to try to put in an insert inside of their shoes to help reduce some of the
pressure in the arch. It is always a good idea to get some x-rays to make sure that there is not any bone
injury. However, for the most part with children they tend to get what is called tendonitis or apophysitis.
The difference between the two is that an apophysitis is an inflammation of the growth plates that can
usually happen in the back of the heel; and a tendonitis usually is where the tendon inserts into the
bone as it pulls very hard. One of the more common areas is on the posterior tibial tendon that inserts
into the navicular tuberosity.