This is one of the most common questions I get from people when they want to have bunion surgery,
but they are unsure because they do not want to be off of their foot. For most types of bunion surgeries,
the most common ones that we do you do not have to be off of your foot, but it is recommended and
I am going to explain why. Initially, after you have had surgery, increased blood flow goes down to the
area of the surgery to help bring the healing components in the blood that can help heal the tissue and
the bone. If you are on your foot there is going to be increased swelling to that area that is going to be
quite painful. The more you are up on your foot then, the more swelling and the more pain that you are
going to have. That is why for the initial few days it is good to have your foot iced and elevated. Then, in
the following weeks, if you walk as minimal as possible you are going to have minimal swelling and pain,
but you can walk. You can walk in a special shoe called a surgical shoe or even a boot called a Cam boot.
Basically you can see that with bunion surgery you can go into a normal shoe pretty quickly.