A lot of my patients come in or they contact me because they think they have an ingrown toenail, but
they are not sure. Basically, if your toe is red, painful, and when you push on it you have an infected
toenail, then you should be seen either in the emergency room or by your doctor as soon as possible.
However, there are other instances where it just may be tender on the side or you may notice some
callous buildup on the side of the nail and this is the beginning of an ingrown toenail, but it may not be
infected. That is the best time for you to go and see your doctor when the toenail is not infected and it
is just painful. We can do a number of treatments which include trimming out the edge of the nail, using
something to trim off some of the skin that may be hitting the nail on the side of the edge of the nail, or
even we can numb the toe with an anesthetic and remove a portion of the toenail. So that is how you
can tell if you have an ingrown toenail. I am also including here some pictures that you can look at to see
what ingrown toenails look like.