Many patients ask me what is the most common bunion surgery that is done and if they could have
that type of a surgery. The benefit of doing anything that is common is that it is the one that is most
frequently done and usually when you do things over and over again you get better at them. The most
common surgery that I have seen in residency and in private practice is something called an Austin
bunionectomy. This type of a bunionectomy is one where you remove the side of the bump and then
shift the bone over using a V-cut in the head of the bone. Then you put either a screw or some other
type of pin in the toe to fix it. The recovery time is about six to eight weeks. Most people tend to recover
very well from this type of surgery. This is by far the most common one in the Worcester area when we
were in residency and by most of the doctors in the area.

(here is a video to show the surgery)
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