One of the more common symptoms after bunion surgery is nerve pain and even numbness. 

  • This usually happens due to pulling on the nerves during surgery by instruments called retractors.  
  • This can be caused during the surgery if the nerve is cut.
  • It can be caused by increased swelling in the area causing temporary injury to the nerve.
  • It cause be caused by scarring after the surgery that incoorperates the nerve in the scar causing pain or numbness.
  • Give it time as most nerve injury needs time to repair.  Nerves repair in general quite slowly.
  • Cortisone injections can help in the area to help break up any adhesions you may have around the area of the bunion surgery.
  • Padding and pain relieving patches such as lidoderm can help with the pain.
  • Further surgery may be needed after a period of waiting to loosen up the nerve, this can be quite a delicate surgery and challenging to perform.
I hope this helps you understand more about this condition if you live around Worcester Massachusetts give us a call.