I see many children in the office with foot pain.  The most common type is in the heel region.  Some people call this growing pains but others are concerned there is a break of the heel bone.  To understand better most often when children grow their bones grow faster than their tendons and ligaments.  As a result the tendons pull on the bones.  In the heel for example there is a growth plate on the back of the bone that becomes painful with that added pull.  The technical term is calcaneal apophysitis and happens mostly in children.  That is the problem and here are the options for treatment.  As well if you want to get a whole booklet on this you can request my free book here.


  • Rest the foot
  • Ice the foot
  • Take children ibuprofen
  • Stretching or deep tissue massage to the back of the calf
  • New shoes with more support or heel lift
  • X-rays to make sure there is not break of the heel
  • Orthotics or inserts in the shoes to stabilze the foot in the shoe
If you found that helpful and would like to learn more here are some other helpful resources.