I wanted to let you know there was one section that was missing the the previous blog post.  I forgot to include the 4th part that discusses how see if you have any pressure due to a bony prominence on your foot. This is really important with wound healing and ties well into the part with the off-loading.  I have included it here for you.  Please use as much as you would like to give information about wound healing.

As well besides using this for people with vision impairment you can also use it for those that don’t have computers and you want to offer more information to help them heal their foot wound fast.

(Here was the missing step)
104 – How to evaluate bone prominences and high pressure (14:04min)

(These are the dialing instructions)

Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3800
Code: 32299#
100 – Introduction to healing your foot wound (12:58min)
101 – How blood sugar and nutrition can affect wound healing (12:17min)
102 – How blood flow and swelling affect wound healing (13:52min)
103 – How to evaluate your wound properly (13:51min)
104 – How to evaluate bone prominences and high pressure (14:04min)
105 – How poor feeling can affect wound healing (13:20min)
106 – Why debriding the wound and surgery is sometimes necessary to heal wounds (13:39min)
107 – How to choose a dressing for your wound and when grafts are needed (14:42min)
108 – How to off-load your wound and when you can start wearing a normal shoe again (16:53min)
109 – How to prevent further wounds when healed and other diabetes complications (15:12min)
110 – Conclusion and review of other advances in wound care (9:25min)

To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto