Here is an example of a patient that came in for podiatry care.  He didn’t mention any new problems on his feet but I noted bleeding on his 2nd digit.  When I asked him if he noticed it he said he did not.  Do you have any idea why he didn’t feel anything?  It was because he had neuropathy or lack of feeling in his feet due to his neuropathy.  His toenails became long and rubbing on the skin on the toe on the side.  
How can this be treated?
  • Get frequent nail care and trimming them to length
  • Use something to separate the toes like a toe spacer or even lamb’s wool
    Lambs Wool Lamb’s Wool Padding
  • Make sure your shoes are not too tight to cause rubbing of the toes together
(Pictures below show how the nails hits on the adjacent skin)
If you have diabetes and want to learn more about how to take care of your feet check out my other website.
To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto