Many of my patients have dampness between the toes.  This can be from sweaty feet, showering and not drying well between the toes or even athlete’s foot.  If you have dampness there are some over the counter medications  you can apply between the toes such as Naftin Gel or Loprox Gel.  Both of them are in the gel form and will evaporate the gel portion and leave the medication between the toes.  This is used if you have an athlete’s foot infection between the toes.

If you only  have dampness between the toes without an infection you can try a talc powder or even lamb’s wool between your toes.  This will help wick away the moisture and prevent any cuts between the toes that can get infected.

I have included two pictures  here one showing dampness between the toes and another one with the lamb’s wool applied between the toes.  If you have any signs of redness, pain or infection you should see your podiatrist.

To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto