Fungal Laser Success Story
Dr. Donald Pelto:  Hi, this is Doctor Donald Pelto. I have a patient here right now. We just finished doing the third procedure here, with fungal laser here. This is the cutera laser that we’re using. He’s going to just tell us a little bit about his experience here within how we chose to do it and how it worked. Go ahead.
Chris:  Hi, I’m Chris. I decided to have my ‑ I had pain in my feet for quite some time and I came to see the doctor here. He suggested I do the laser. I started the program and it’s night and day. Three sessions in here and my feet look normal for the first time that I can remember in my adult life. The toenails are fantastic. I’m not afraid to take my shoes off and walk the beach. I’m just really happy with the results. I couldn’t say enough about it. I’d recommend it to anybody.
Dr. Pelto:  Have you ever tried the topical or the oral medicine or anything?
Chris:  Yeah, I think I tried all of them at one point, the Lamisil or one of those. I went through the whole program, had some results, but not much. I just kind of fell back. It didn’t last and it didn’t work for me. I tried every topical that came out, and again, I didn’t have much success. This is the only thing that’s ever done anything for me.
Dr. Pelto:  Tell the truth, everyone’s wondering. Does it hurt a little bit. How about the laser? How long does it hurt for?
Chris:  It hurts for a moment or two on each of the toes, but it’s one of those things where you’ve got to have a little bit of pain to get a little bit of pleasure, I think. You know, nothing’s free in this world or this life, sometimes there’s a little bit. It’s certainly something I’d say is a little uncomfortable, but it’s not painful.

Dr. Pelto:  Great. Well, thank you