Hello, this is Doctor Donald Pelto. I’m excited because this Saturday, there’s going to be a special Changing Diabetes Day. At this meeting, I’m going to be talking about a few tips to prevent foot wounds. Just as a preview to this talk, there are going to be two talks. One’s going to happening at around noon, and the other one’s going to be about one p.m.
In both of these talks, I’m going to be going over three ways to prevent a foot wound. In this, is going to be a portion of this book. It’s “A Health Care Guide to Diabetes & Your Feet.” I’m really going to go over a few of the tips. Let me just give you a preview of what these three tips are.
The first tip is very, very simple. Some things are simple to do, but, they’re also simple not to do. The first one is to examine your feet every day. By looking at your feet, by looking to see if there’s any cuts, any scrapes, any problems, you can vastly reduce the amount of foot wounds or problems that you can have with your feet.
The second thing, is to wear diabetic shoes. That’s another reason, and another way, that you can reduce diabetic foot ulcers. Because diabetic shoes reduce the friction on your feet. Also, in order to get diabetic shoes, you need to be seen by a foot doctor. What’s evaluated, is your blood flow. If you have any high pressure areas, and if you have poor feeling in your feet. These are all essential for reducing the risk of having an ulcer.
The last thing is to get professional help for your calluses. Those are the three topics. I’m going to explain in depth why you should be getting professional help, and not using a razor blade on your own at home, to treat your calluses.
That’s what we’re going to be talking about. It’s going to be actually happening this Saturday at the DCU Center. We’ll see you there.