Hello this is Dr. Donald Pelto and I’d like to talk about a new problem we have Worcester with a lot of people.  There are many people that are not diagnosed or are not being treated properly for their diabetes. That’s with the initial problem despite having universal healthcare many still don’t have insurance. 

What’s changed recently is that on September 22 there’s going to be a special “Change Diabetes Day” at the DCU Center all for free. At this event you can have a eye screening, foot screening and even learn more about your diabetes.  All this help is for free!!

What I would like you to do now is to go to the DCU Center on September 22 2012 for a complete health evaluation of your diabetes. It doesn’t matter if you have insurance or not it doesn’t matter if you have a doctor or not you should go there to learn new skills and new techniques of how to take care of your diabetes. 

As a bonus I’d like to have you come and visit me Dr. Donald Pelto.  I’m podiatrist and I’ll be giving a talk at around noon and 1 PM about diabetes and footcare.  I have a special book that I’d like to give you just for coming to the talk. This is a “Healthcare guide to Diabetes and Your Feet.”  It will teach you ways to help prevent foot problems and foot wounds that could lead to an amputation. 

See you there,
Dr. Donald Pelto