If you have an injury, swelling or a wound on your leg or foot sometimes your doctor may use an unna boot.  This is a wrap that goes around your foot made of many components to hydrate and protect your skin along with protect it.  The wrap as well is covered with a cotton wrap and a compression bandge.  This is used to decrease the swelling on your leg.  If it is removed in only a day it doesn´t have as good of an effect and can not allow the skin to heal if there is a wound.

In addition to treating the swelling it is important you find out the cause of the swelling on your leg.  If there is a problem with circulation or your heart it is important to treat that as well.  Usually a week is enough because that is the time you will be seen back in the office to remove the other boot and check the wound on your leg.  If there is no wound many times you can take off the wrap yourself.
What is the biggest problem with a unna boot wrap?  No being able to get the area wet.  That is why much of the time a special shower protecter is used to reduce the moisture on the unna boot.  If it by chance gets wet you can either try to dry it out or remove it before the smell becomes too strong!!

To your health,
Dr. Donald Pelto