I know it sounds odd but an ingrown nail has alot in common with wisdom teeth. I remember when I was about 21 I was on rotation at Cook County Hispital in Chicago Illinois. My wisdom teeth started to hurt and I didn’t have any dental insurance in those days. I was talking to my other friends and a dentist who worked for the office heard me. He agreed to remove them for me on a Friday.

When I went for the evaluation he said there was not enough room in my mouth for the teeth to grow in and they had to be removed. He numbed up my mouth and took them out in about 15 minutes and I was very greatful to him. I learned a lesson about that relates to toes. If you have an ingrown nail one of the causes can be too little space for the nail. Even if you trim out the edge it keeps coming back and is painful. This can be because the nail is thicker or the skin is pushed on the side of the nail causing pain.

If there is really not enough space the best way of treating the nail is with a matrixectomy a treatment done in the office. Watch this video if you would like to learn more.

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