Come and listen to Dr. Donald Pelto at the Worcester Senior Center to learn how to prevent a foot wound or amputation.
Diabetes is the leading cause of lower extremity amputations in the world. If you have diabetes there is a large chance that sometime in your life you will develop a foot wound. There are some common mistakes that could lead an amputation that you may not even notice.
If you have diabetes or a loved one does you should come to this talk!
In addition Dr. Pelto will perform a “Fall Risk Assessment” on one member of the audience with diabetes and balance problems and recommend what you can do to prevent falls. This free lecture will be held at the Worcester Senior Center on January 24th 2012 from 10-11am. Also, learn more about your diabetes and the possibility of getting a foot wound by downloading your free “Health Awareness Guide To Preventing Diabetic Food Wounds” at Please sign up for this program at the front desk or call 508-799-1232.