Should I use callous acid pads on my feet? 
Many of my patients and friends use callous pads to remove painful calluses.  However, callous pads can cause more problems than good. The callous pad with acid is not able to recognize normal skin versus hard skin. Therefore many times these treatments can lead to a foot ulceration. Therefore, someone that has poor circulation, diabetes or any other foot problem should not use a callous pad.  Instead of an acid pad there are different types of gel pads that can be used to help reduce discomfort.

The main reason I am talking about this with you is because recently I saw a patient who was wearing tight shoes and he started to have a callus on top of his baby toe. The little toe became painful and he decided to put an acid pad on and his toe became even more painful.  As well I saw a young man a few months ago that was treating a wart with a topical acid but he put too much on and created a sore on his heel.  The treatment for both of these problems is a topical antibiotic cream and dressing to protect the foot.  Most people with good circulation can heal these burns easily however, if not treated they also can lead to ulcers or even amputations.

To Your Health,
Dr. Donald Pelto