Young children who are obese risk damaging their feet.  They have problems balancing, and they walk at a slower pace.  Due to carrying excess weight, their feet develop to be wider and longer than normal, and they risk long-term foot, leg, and back issues.  Pressure from excess weight can damage a child’s delicate feet, putting him or her at risk of developing deformities and abnormalities.  Extra weight exerts pressure on the joints in the foot, negatively affecting how the foot aligns.  Because of the potential limitations and restrictions that may result from this situation, the ability to exercise is limited.  This puts obese children at additional risk since they need to be more active.


            Childhood is the best time to begin teaching healthy habits, from maintaining an appropriate weight to proper foot care.  Learned early, taking care of the body becomes a lifetime habit.  Take your child on his or her first walk on the road to happy, healthy feet and call us at 508-747-4003.  A sure investment in your child’s future is a visit to our offices today.  We treat all members of your family, from kids to grandparents, for all kinds of foot problems at 299 Lincoln Street, Suite 202, Worcester, where our number one priority is to provide our patients with the highest level of service and expertise.


HINT:  Children who have difficulties or appear reluctant to participate in physical activities should be examined for lower extremity disabilities.