People who do a lot of cycling can experience exercise-specific foot issues.  Numbness or burning of the feet is a common complaint, typically caused by compression of the nerves between the small bones under the ball of the foot.  That reaction is most likely caused by tight shoes and road vibration.  Also, too much climbing puts continuous pressure on the bottom of the foot.  To alleviate these issues, try loosening the foot straps.  Try a more cushioned insole in your shoe, and wear a different type of sock.  Examine shoes for irregular seams or straps that might be pressing against the outer edge of the foot as well.  If you continue to experience discomfort when biking see your podiatrist.


            The good news is that there is no reason for bikers and other sports enthusiasts to continue experiencing foot pain.  From sports injuries to bone deformities to nail concerns, we turn to the most advanced treatment for problems of the foot and ankle, always with an understanding and compassionate approach.  That’s why so many adults, seniors, and children continue to seek our help whenever it is needed.  For treatment for a full range of foot problems, please call for an appointment at 508-757-4003.  We’re located at 299 Lincoln Street, Suite 202, Worcester.


HINT:  The position of cleats on cycling shoes determines the comfort of one’s feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.